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The High Alkaline Diet

The Healthiest Vegetables to eat.

We all want to live a healthier lifestyle and to have more energy to enjoy the things that we love to do. The high alkaline diet is said to reduce the acidity in our blood and restore it to a healthy and balanced pH level. The typical North American diet has become a contributor to overly acidic blood levels. Meat, eggs and dairy along with processed foods containing white flour and sugars are the main culprits that throw a monkey wrench in our bodies ability to balance its acid levels.

The high alkaline diet looks pretty darn healthy on paper. Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in alkaline should comprise about 60 to 80% of the foods that we eat. Here are some good choices to make up the bulk of our diet.   

Veggies – Beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, celery, alfalfa, green beans, garlic, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, eggplant, peas, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale and green beans.

Fruits – Berries, banana, orange, pear, pineapple, apricot, watermelon, tomato, strawberries, tropical fruit, nectarines, apple,grapes dates and figs.

Alkalizing Proteins – Whey protein powder, almonds, fermented tofu and tempeh, almonds and chestnuts.

Beverages – Fresh fruit juice, mineral water, veggie juices and green juices.

Minerals that are alkalizing and should be added by food or supplement include:

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium.

The following are foods that are considered acidic and should be eaten in moderation if you are thinking about trying a high alkaline diet.

Veggies – Lentils, corn, olives and winter squash.

Grains, Beans and Legumes – Wheat, macaroni and white pasta, flour, oatmeal, bread, bran, barley, spelt, wheat germ, soy products, black beans, pinto beans, chick peas, kidney beans, quinoa and all rice.

Oils and Fats – Butter, canola, corn, flax, olive, sunflower, and sesame oils.

Beverages – Alcohol, coffee and soft drinks.

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, Sweet’N low, Equal and NutraSweet are acid forming and should be substituted with Stevia.

The preceding was a general list of foods that can have an effect on the pH balance of your body. The pH value is basically a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. A balance of 7 is neutral, with less than 7 being acidic and more than 7 more alkaline. Parts of the body have different pH levels. The stomach is obviously higher in acidity because it is where the food is broken down and digested. The levels in the stomach have a normal pH level between 2 and 3.5 whereas the human blood level is more alkaline with a pH of between 7.35 and 7.45.

There are some proponents of a high alkaline diet that claim that it can help with many health issues including, weight loss, arthritis, diabetes and cancers. There has been no real scientific data to prove these theories but the bottom line is that these foods that are high in alkaline are also great foods for many other health reasons. You can’t go wrong with a diet that is high in natural goodness like fresh fruits and veggies and low on processed food and sugary crap.

Is it the alkaline and acidic levels of these foods that create health benefits? Who cares?

Let the scientists worry about the details.

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