The Benefits Of Cold Showers

The benefits of cold showers.

I have been experimenting with cold showers lately after reading about the many health benefits that they can bring.

Just what are the benefits of cold showers?

Well, Here Goes……

A cold shower wakes you up pretty darn quick for one thing and that may be a good move for your health. The shock of the cold may actually aid in giving you energy for the day. The shock causes deep breathing which leads to increased oxygen intake. The shock to our body also increases the heart rate which increases blood flow and energy. Sounds like a good start to the day to me.

When I was a kid and we went camping or ran out of hot water we used to call them “army showers” or “cowboy showers.” You turn on the water, soap up your body outside the shower and then bravely jump in to wash the soap off as quickly as possible. As a kid you really didn’t give a crap about the health benefits of anything, you just took that cold shower because your parents told you to. Who would have thought that one day I would be taking longer ice cold showers on purpose.

Similar to the idea of cooling vests to lose weight, a cold shower will cause the temperature in your body to drop. The body has to work hard to bring the temperature back up to normal and in turn it burns calories to do so. It only makes sense that cold showers on a regular basis could be an added weapon in your attack on excess weight. Taking ice baths could also be beneficial for health and weight loss, although I wouldn’t recommend them until you get climatized to the cold shower.

We have been told for years that putting ice on injuries is a good thing, and it is. Wouldn’t it make sense that taking an ice cold shower would have a positive effect on sore and aching muscles? Well it does, and it has been documented in studies that taking a cold bath or shower after a long run or hard workout can speed up muscle and soreness recovery. I have been taking really cold showers after running for a few weeks now and I have become a believer in the benefits with regards  to muscle recovery and increased energy.

Here are some more health benefits of cold showers:

  • Improves circulation and blood flow to the organs.
  • Increases disease fighting white blood cells that strengthen the immune system.
  • Aids in improving your mood by relieving some of the symptoms of depression and stress.
  • Helps improve hair and skin health.
  • Causes an increase in testosterone production.
  • Increases energy, mood and performance in life. (Personal Experience)

That’s a lot of benefit in my books. I’m certainly happy that I’ve taken the cold shower plunge and I look forward to experiencing the many health benefits in the years to come.

Give it a try folks. The benefits are many and you might even save a few bucks on the water bill.

It actually sounds worse than it is, this cold water shower thing. The body is amazing in the way that it can adjust and adapt to anything. You can totally get used to taking cold showers, after a few of them, it actually feels normal. Some countries don’t have access to hot running water and they get these health benefits without even trying. Could it be that some of our first world conveniences are influencing and negatively affecting our health?

Sounds like a topic for another day, until then……have a good one.  Don


Check out the Wim Hof method video lessons from “The Iceman” himself. In a nutshell the Wim Hof method combines cold therapy with breathing exercises to improve body and mind.


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