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Blue Light And Sleep – Is Your Computer Causing Insomnia?

computer causing insomnia

Is your computer causing insomnia?

The world has changed and it’s a great time to be alive. Tablets, smart phones and computer screens dominate our visuals for many hours in a day. Almost all day in some cases. Is there a connection between blue light and sleep. Yup, it’s time to take a look at some of our screen habits and how they can make insomnia worse or even create new sleep problems.

Computing and the super bright, highly pixelated screens that we stare at all day are not going anywhere and we need to combat the effects of the constant blue light. A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of good health and without it……trouble. The bodies system breaks down over time contributing to all kinds of health issues. It we are taking our devices to bed it’s a fact that the body takes a longer time to get to sleep. Even if you feel tired when you shut the device off……the blue light from the screen has thrown off your natural light and sleep pattern.

Maybe it’s time to bring a good old fashioned book to bed. Leave the smart phone and computer out of the bedroom. It’s a start and it will help. The first step in most treatments is based on lifestyle choices. Bright display will affect the normal nocturnal changes in melatonin and even body temperature that is associated with your biological clock. If you already suffer from insomnia there is no need to make it worse. Give yourself some time away from the blue light from computer screens.

Think about adjusting the brightness on your home computing devices. If you just can’t get off the phone or computer try getting a filter to help block the blue light brightness.

Facts On Blue Light:

  • Suppresses the production of melatonin more than other forms of light
  •  Can cause damage to eye retina
  • In certain wavelengths it can cause age related macular degeneration. (AMD)
  • Contributes to digital eye strain

Simple lifestyle changes that can help:

  • Lesson your exposure to bright screens a couple of hours before bed time
  • Use dim red lights as night lights
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses
  • Install a screen dimmer to filter blue light on your electronic devices
  • Get lots of bright light during the day and boost your ability to sleep at night
  • Take a break every twenty minutes or so from your screens during the day

There are a wide variety of affordable glasses that you can also get to help block out blue light and UV.

Read more here about the facts of insomnia.

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